Do you know what will happen to your assets in the event of your death? What about other arrangements such as the care of your children? When you make a will, you may have to make hard choices and deal with complex issues. Ensuring that you have a valid will in place will ease the stress and frustration that accompanies such events when you are no longer here. It will ensure that your assets, family and loved ones are protected and any wishes you may have can be filled.

The emotional issues associated with these matters can be complex and hard to talk about, however we all have to deal with them at some point in our lives. We take a very sensitive approach to our clients and provide clarity to their circumstances. We draw on our experience built up over decades of helping people just like you.

We provide professional advice in the following areas:

  • Power of Attorney
  • Probate
  • Succession Planning
  • Trusts (Including Family Trusts)
  • Wills – Contesting
  • Wills – Drafting
  • Wills – Probate & Estates